We are, founded in 2017, has the mission to enable proactive surgical care through personalised complication predictions and management for over 50 million patients annually by 2025.

Our mission and vision

We are building the surgical patient risk management platform of the future

What we do

We use existing data, validated & locally retrained machine learning algorithms and workflow integration to aid clinical staff to deliver proactive and individualized care

To fully support your work, hospital and patients

Together with you, we deliver a better experience for health care provider and patient, and better surgical outcomes at lower cost.

To support your clinical work, your hospital and your patients.

The people at
CEO & CMO | Owner

An active physician and entrepeneur that supports patients and health care providers with machine learning and other digital tools to improve health and health care.

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COO & CIO | Owner

Already over 25 years of experience with every aspect of Artificial Intelligence and tightly related areas such as BI, Infra and PM. Worked for large corporates and consultancies internationally.

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“ We help hospitals to focus on what really matters and ensure safer recovery of patients ” 
Lead Technical Architect

Application, SaaS, Cloud Application, Custom Software Development and IT Consulting​ specialist.

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Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Officer

Experienced quality and regulatory affairs specialist

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Senior Solutions Architect

Over two decades experience working on a variety of large and small IT projects. Combining technical knowledge and human interaction to help organisations forward

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Product Manager
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Junior Data Scientist
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Our advisory board
Manoj Adithya
CEO and co-founder of Geospark
Tim Bruenjes
Head of Sales at Macrobond Financial AB. Former PIMCO
Marcel Wassink
Serial health tech entrepreneur, venture partner at NLC
Rob van der Veer
  Digital groundbreaker, Principal consultant at Software Improvement Group (SIG).
Prof Michael R. Pinsky
Chair Critical Care University Pittsburgh MC
Prof Geert Kazemier
Head of HPB Surgery Amsterdam UMC
Prof Mihaela van der Schaar
Professor of ML and Medicine at University of Cambridge
Dr. Emma Bruns
Resident Surgery at NW Ziekenhuisgroep & Journalist at NRC
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