Reduce post-surgery infections 

with our AI-powered prediction platform PERISCOPE™

Surgeries are never without any risks

post-surgery complications can happen and infections can occur.



surgical procedures performed per year globally



are likely to experience a post-operative complication, including infection



post-surgery complication costs globally

But many infections can be predicted

Our EHR-integrated clinical tool PERISCOPE™ integrates existing data and uses our powerful AI engine for early warning of post-surgery infections and other major complications. Earlier diagnosis and actions will reduce the number complications, their impact and cost.

How does PERISCOPE work?

PERISCOPE™ will be integrated in your local EHR environment. Our AI engine will supplement your patient monitoring advising medical personnel well in advance on patient status. 

PERISCOPE for stakeholders

Infections can be painful, delay wound healing and may require further treatment or a longer stay in hospital. The sooner therefore an infection is diagnosed, or prevented from developing altogether, the better for the patient. PERISCOPE will support clinicians in their post-operative monitoring of patients to prevent infections and aid patients' recovery.

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PERISCOPE is a workflow-integrated AI tool that shall offer a risk prediction on the onset of infection in postoperative patients, supporting your postoperative care protocols and improving patient outcomes. PERISCOPE’s risk prediction is generated by a machine learning model that has been trained on historical medical data and employed on individual patient data from your EHR system in real-time to give a personalised infection prediction

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PERISCOPE predicts post-surgery infections with 90+% accuracy. PERISCOPE is a work-flow (your EHR) integrated cloud or on-premise AI tool that re-uses your existing EHR data. We link increased risk to your desired actions to support staff to screen patients, prioritize and support them to het to desired actions and improve outcome.

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PERISCOPE deploys on-premise in the cloud or as hybrid architecture as desired. It’s cloud is fully managed, so no maintenance required. It is designed with the highest security standards in mind. PERISCOPE exposes a self descriptive API that has already been implemented by your EHR system supplier

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Top hospitals and surgeons support PERISCOPE™
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"A no-brainer! Improving quality, saving cost and state of the art technology..."
"This tremendously innovates and improves day-to-day care for physicians and nurses. And they are a great team to work with."

Dr. Freek Daams Upper GI surgeon,
Vrije University Medical Center

Prof. Harry van Goor Head of innovation in surgery, Radboud University Medical Center

PERISCOPE™ is supported by key software and EHR providers
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